The Nature of Self and Life

When: 21st March 2018 @20:0021st March 2018 @21:30

‘The Nature of Self and Life’.

In Satsang Tiger will speak on ‘The Nature of Self and Life’ – exploring the depth of being human as a cosmically connected landscape and discovering our inherent connection with Self, Others and All of Life.

This Satsang will open our hearts to be touched by the magic and beauty of Life. Tiger’s gift is to guide us into the heart and uncover our inherent worth, beauty and conscious ability to create a joyful life.

In this space of self-discovery, we are enabled to see the imagined prison we have imposed on ourselves and are invited to very simply lay it down and walk away.

The most common response Tiger hears from attendees after Satsang is ‘it was like you were talking directly to me’. This is because, at the core of our humanness, we are all experiencing the same challenges, we are all on the same path, which is a journey of discovering love within our true nature.

Tiger is an intuitive Satsang facilitator who shares insight, wisdom and spiritual teachings from the space of an open heart. Tiger is also an author, internal wellness coach and he holds retreats all around the world.

Tiger does not position himself as an authority on any subject as a teacher. He carries deep humility that knows his offering is like that of a bird’s song. He simply moves in the way that life moves through him, he shares the pure enjoyment of sharing what he loves. What he receives in return is the freedom to be himself.

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Facilitated by Tiger Singleton

Tiger A. Singleton is considered by many to be a master of Authentic Connection and of understanding the human problem, and opportunity, of feeling separate from what is desired.

For the past decade, Tiger’s sole focus has been uncovering the self-imposed limitations that keep us distant from the authentic connection we crave so sincerely. As we begin to recognise that every external problem or difficulty is actually an opportunity to authentically connect to what we want most, we recognise our inherent power to face whatever it is that might arise. In this space, we can’t help but to grow rapidly. We are guided in the most effortless of ways, and life becomes a playground to express what we enjoy.

Tiger holds multiple international retreats every year throughout the USA, Europe & Australia. Currently he works with a global team to bridge the gap in our business and personal lives, so that we might experience a life that reflects our Heart’s Deepest Resonance.

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