Amazonian Magical Sounds

When: 9th August 201712th August 2017

Emerse yourself in a few days of Amazonian shamanic song and energy. Balance the harmony of sound with male and female energy. Kurikindi was guided from a young age by both male and female elders, after being identified as having the family ́gift ́. Enjoy the moment, begin the week. Find your sound and learn a Kichwa Icaro.

Day one  // 9th August

  • –  Brief history how traditional sounds are used in shamanism
  • –  Journey within shamanic sound
  • –  Understanding how mother nature, the rainforest and how birds and animals communicate with sounds
  • –  How to feel/sense sound
  • –  Practice meditation with Icaros

Evening Private Sessions available on request

Day two // 10th August

  • –  Discussion about how humans and animals use sound to communicate
  • –  Interpretation of feelings of light and dark energies within sound
  • –  Practice and learn an Icaro in Kichwa
  • –  Meditation within shamanic sound energy
  • –  Identify sounds outside and practice to separate them

Evening Private Sessions available on request

Day three // 11th August

  • –  Meditation with shamanic icaro
  • –  Practice with the group the Kichwa Kurikindi icaro
  • –  Discussion about how individuals can make their own icaro
  • –  Energy cleansing with shamanic sound
  • –  Find your own sound (practice with a partner)

Evening Sessions available on request

Day four // 12th August 

  • –  Perfecting the Kurikindi icaro
  • –  Practice a sound to send a message of your animal spirit
  • –  Questions and answers session
  • –  Individual energy cleansing with shamanic sound
  • –  Meditation to give our gratitude to the four elements

Evening Sessions available on request

Facilitated by Kurikindi

Kurikindi is an indigenous Kichwa Amazonian Shaman. He was born in the rainforests of Ecuador and into an ancient line of Shamanic Families. Kurikindi has over 36 years of experience. Since he was very young, he walked the path of a shaman. In his family there is no separation between everyday life and shamanic life. Before he could even walk or talk he was immersed in the shamanic way of life. He feels that growing up in this atmosphere was a great privilege and an honor. His family travelled long distances and to other countries in South America to spend time with Shamans from other cultures and nationalities to learn and share knowledge and experiences. Kurikindi had the unique opportunity to learn from, and work a long side both male and female Shamans as both of his parents, grandparents and great grandparents were practicing Shamans. This is a very unusual situation in the Amazon. Kurikindi´s life changed dramatically when he was 12 years old. He had to save the life of a powerful and well known shaman, his father. After this and although still very young, he was recognized as an adult practicing shaman. Until then, he had only been an apprentice. Kurikindi started having visions when he was 4 years old and now at 46 year of age, still young by most shamanic standards, he finds himself here in Forres, ready to talk, to teach, to learn and to listen

Cost and Booking


£445 residential, £340 non-residential.

To book:
Email or call 01 309 672 659