Awakened Feminine Retreat

When: 9th August 2018 @16:0013th August 2018 @12:00

A unique women’s retreat journey to embrace your awakened feminine self

Imagine yourself releasing judgement, comparison, old beliefs and insecurities;  Learn to trust yourself implicitly and improve your intuition. Embrace the deepest, most authentic version of yourself and find your souls truest voice. Imagine doing all of this supported by sacred rituals, ceremonies and deep nature connection. The Awakened Feminine Retreat is a loving invitation to embrace and re-integrate those feminine aspects of yourself you may have neglected; to experience yourself as worthy of self-love and acceptance; to explore and rediscover your innate creative feminine spirit and make heartfelt connections with other amazing women.

What makes this retreat unique is its journey to deconstruct the old beliefs and insecurities that block you from receiving what you want in your life. In the safety and support of our intimate group, you will be guided through powerful but gentle experiences that support the unfolding and emergence of your true authentic self. Recover the deepest hidden treasures you hold within and make them available to every aspect of your being for your future growth and true self-love.

The retreat includes guided meditations, visualisations, a mixture of group experiences for personal exploration and growth and individual work with solo contemplation and journaling time. These processes are interwoven with nature connection, oral storytelling, wildcrafting and lots of creative feminine magic. Together we will enjoy transformative personal experiences in beautifully created and safely held spaces, with plenty of laughter, maybe a few tears and lots of soul nourishment.

Throughout the retreat, you will be guided by two experienced women’s facilitators. Your personal journey will be safely held throughout by experienced holistic psychotherapist and life coach  Lisa Angelini and facilitated by Sarah Houldsworth, geologist, storyteller and trained women’s circle leader.

Facilitated by :

Lisa Angelini, MAPC, LPC, ACHT

Lisa Angelini has a passion for empowering women to release the inauthentic patterns that keep them from realizing their true self-worth, gifts, talents, joy, and life-purpose. Through her own spiritual journey, she learned the value of utilizing her inherent feminine energy, both gentle and strong, to break through behavioural barriers and connect with the divine essence within. She feels an undeniable calling to assist other women in clearly recognizing and accessing their own energy and wisdom for a deep healing experience that can be used again and again.

With a unique combination of directness and sensitivity, compassion and humour, Lisa weaves her formal training as a Psychotherapist with her knowledge of Shamanic universal wisdom, creating a profound experiential process to unlock the power of the subconscious mind for healing and change. Lisa has the ability to help you re-connect to your divine self, releasing blocks that no longer serve you and replacing them with effective strategies to tap into your spirit and move forward confidently along life’s path.

In addition to offering national and international retreats, Lisa is a trained facilitator of Wild Women Project Moon Circles and offers these experiences to cultivate sisterhood and community both locally and globally.

Lisa brings 15 years experience as a life coach, holistic psychotherapist, energy practitioner and spiritual teacher. She has worked at some of the leading mental health facilities in the world and has served celebrity clientele as well as the homeless. She has been trained by leaders in the field of psychology, coaching and spirituality.

Lisa offers on-site intensives, individual or group counselling and coaching sessions at her Scottsdale, Arizona office, and web-based or phone consultation.




@lisa.angelini (Instagram)



Sarah Houldsworth PhD

Sarah is a PhD qualified professional Earth scientist with a deep love and understanding of the natural world. She is never happier than when outside in the natural world whether it’s on family nature walks, personal forest meditation walks, foraging, or collecting materials for wildcrafting projects. Her outward journey of exploration in the natural world has been mirrored by a personal inner journey of understanding and self-acceptance which started over twenty years ago with taking self-development courses, volunteering for similar courses in support and organisational roles and through intensive integrative process therapy. These experiences developed her personal practices in guided visualisation, meditation and other techniques for authentic self-connection.

Sarah believes that regular time in the held intentional spaces of circles is the perfect counterbalance for her experience of a busy doing, masculine dominated world. She is a graduated moon circle leader with the Wild Woman Project and holds monthly women’s circles in her home community of Edinburgh. Sarah also an amateur oral story-teller (trained with the Scottish Story Telling Centre) and studies Celtic mythology, Wise Woman archetypes and Eco-feminism with folklorists and women’s psychologists.

Geologist, storyteller, nature lover, open-minded but rooted in rock, Sarah brings her own special blend of story-telling, knowledge of mythical archetypes, folklore, the natural world, nature connection and Earth science to this retreat and is excited to be sharing some her passions with you.



To Book:



£965* $1350 (Residential)

$1000 (Non Residential) 

Please note course fee is $1350 US dollars, the cost in £ will vary according to the exchange rate at time of payment. Pay in full or spread the cost in 3 scheduled payments.

Residential price includes 4 nights full board, shared accommodation, all retreat experiences, 2 facilitators & complementary post-retreat personal coaching session with Lisa Angelini. Please note Travel to and from the retreat location is not included.

Non Residential price includes all retreat experiences, 2 facilitators & complementary post-retreat personal coaching session with Lisa Angelini. Please note Travel to and from the retreat location is not included.