Build a Simple Wind Turbine – Oct 6th

When: 6th October 2018 @10:006th October 2018 @16:30
Where: Newbold House


Come and join us for this One Day Course where you will learn how to build an inexpensive vertical wind turbine that can be sited in your garden.
Using cheap, readily available or recycled parts, we will put together a vertical axis turbine that has no need for poles, foundations or planning – and looks really cool.
Then we will discuss the basics of low tech generation using such a turbine with some examples and demonstration.


Course Content:
Wind Gen Basics.
Construction of turbine.
Construction of simple base.
Connect up to generator.
Discussion and demonstration of electrical generation systems.

You will also receive a hand-out with the material list, dimensions, components, sourcing and details for different generation set-ups.

​The example we will be building is about 1.7 m high including the base, is self limiting by design,  is not dependent on wind direction and is just as happy utilising turbulent air. This turbine can be used as a standalone small alternative power source or connected as part of a larger system.

All tools and materials are supplied (there is no metal-working).

This is a hands on workshop  – with a little theory.
Our aim is that you should leave with the knowledge and confidence to build one yourself.

A little basic DIY knowledge would be an advantage but not necessary. Unfortunately, this workshop is not suitable for children.

Trainer:  Grant Pirnie – Engineer and woodworker. 


Grant has a background in engineering and runs his own woodwork business  – when he’s not running training workshops.



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More info and Book: