As many of you may now know, Harley Miller, a founding member of Newbold Trust passed away peacefully this February.

Newbold Trust and its thousands of guests over the years owes so much to Harley. His gentle nature, dedication, love and enthusiasm helped shape a social enterprise that still celebrates and embodies his values more than 35 years later. We will forever celebrate Harley in our daily work in the home he shared and helped shape.

We wish to honour Harley’s Legacy by creating a Harley Miller Life Fund which will help continue to develop the social enterprise and celebrate the spirit and values he cared for so dearly during his life. Before he passed away Harley spoke of the need for Newbold to evolve to meet the needs of an ever-changing world: a world that needs positive change.

By donating to this fund, you will help the home he shared with so many to continue to welcome guests from around the world to share open spirituality, sustainability, and much more into the future.

The determination, love and resilience of Harley and Callie Miller and the people that joined them are what made everything at Newbold possible and created a future for which the present and future Newbold family will be forever grateful.



Your donation will help refurbish and renovate the house so that we can continue to nurture positive change and honour the vision Harley helped shape.

We are creating the conditions for positive change, for personal wellbeing, and for a more sustainable tomorrow! And we can only continue to develop with your help.



Although the residential staff team and dedicated work exchange volunteers do everything they can, the house requires additional refurbishments in order to continue the legacy that Harley and the co-founders first created.

Your donation will make it possible for us to restore and refurbish workshop spaces including our listed conservatory, this means purchasing building materials. Donations may also be used to support the delivery of a high-quality service involved in nurturing guests and hosting workshops and retreats from across Scotland, Europe and the world.

We welcome your help to further develop and continue to nurture positive change to create a more connected world and a more sustainable future.


The world may become a kinder place, and a smarter place as positivity helps people to open up, to become more creative, and to explore solutions for the many challenges we face in economic, environmental, political and societal issues.

The more people thrive, the more we can do to create a world we and future generations want to live in.

We believe that with your help we can create an environment that nurtures this positive change to become one of the best venues in Scotland for workshops, conferences and events.

Your donation will directly help to develop the work that has been done over the last 35 years and continue the legacy of Newbold Trust to transform people’s lives, to empower young people and to facilitate meaningful change. We need your help to Nurture Positive Change.


Donations can be made via the links below

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