Erasmus +

Good news! Newbold have been awarded 50,000 Euros by the ERASMUS+ Youth Leader Mobility scheme to run two fantastic 8 day trainings for Youth Leaders in August and September.

In the training participants will learn how to empower young people to identify and use their unique strengths and qualities, in service to themselves and their communities. This will enable them to develop more rewarding careers and take an active and positive role in their local communities.

Reports from a wide range of Youth charities show that young people face unprecedented challenges in the modern world. Finding meaningful employment is increasingly difficult, and with record levels of unemployment and decreasing job security, many feel a sense of anxiety about the future. Collectively, young people will be the most affected by alarming global trends like climate change, environmental degradation, and social tensions based on culture, religion, or class. At the same time, it is our young people who have the most potential and often the most drive to contribute to a sustainable future. These trainings will provide key tools to support this.

The first training on Positive Leadership will offer an experiential learning journey to explore leadership as a force for positive change, including: Alternative models of leadership e.g. quiet leadership, servant leadership and collaborative leadership. Different learning and communication styles and how to maximise these. Identifying each person’s unique gifts and qualities and how to develop a collaborative team. Learning what blocks or holds us back and how to overcome this. Conscious communication and conflict resolution skills.

The second training on Social Entrepreneurship will cover, how to start a social enterprise or community project including; taking initiative and generating creative ideas, designing and implementing/turning ideas into action, resource mapping and stakeholder engagement, basic project management and inspiring communication skills. Also included will be development of youth leader coaching & mentoring techniques to create a culture of constructive feedback and appreciation in supporting young people to develop their ideas.

The trainings are designed and led by Newbold Managing Director, Dr Deborah Benham, and experienced youth leader and trainer, Steve Gasgarth. The funding covers travel, accommodation, meals and training costs for 26 participants to join the training from 8 different European countries (including Scotland).