Exploring shamanic theatre and operating with myth

When: 6th July 2018 @16:008th July 2018 @16:00
This is the course that will take you deep into the dramatic and curious craft of Shamanic theatre. In this course, we will open up the doors to the mythical worlds and meet the archetypal forces who pull the strings and work through us in this play we know as life.

You will be taken through the history of theatre through different cultures and you will meet the different playwrights and players of many traditions. We will communicate with the Bard within and without and come to understand the Bard’s relationship with nature and the trees.

You will be invited to prepare for and bring a costume or a mask to be ready to represent a mythical character. We will study the use of costume in different strands of Shamanism and ritual theatre. We will create a space together for spirit council and divination with the mythical realms and work out in nature to create a theatre with the land about.

The course will bring in the constellation and the Templates of Wholeness Medicine Wheel of Creative Shamanism to open up a healing project on site.

This course is for anyone who is interested in theatre, shamanism, psychodynamic healing, gestalt therapy, constellation work, story, myth or drama therapy. it is also one of the four workshops I am holding at Newbold Trust for the Foundation courses in Creative Shamanism.
Two of these courses are requirements to being accepted for the Creative Shamanism 7 part Practitioner training commencing May 2019.
Carol Day founded the Centre for Creative Shamanism in 2009 and has been developing and perfecting this person-and-spirit-centered deeply effective model of teaching and working with shamanism with several student apprenticeships since then. Carol took a shamanic and spiritual education at Findhorn Foundation 2004 – 6, where she lived for two years studying the sun and moon cycles.  She was endorsed as a Shamanic Practitioner by Sandra Ingerman and completed shamanic trainings with Stephen Mulhearn of Lendrick Lodge.  She is also Teacher Trained by Sandra Ingerman and travelled to New Mexico in 2012/13 to complete the two year teacher training programme. She assisted Sandra with teacher training in 2016.  Carol also studied with Heather Ash Amara and Raven Smith of the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements). She is trained in Advanced Compassionate Depossession and Curse unravelling by Betsy Bergstrom  with the Sacred Trust. 
Carol is a qualified psychotherapist and completed a three year post graduate in Pluralistic counselling at Abertay University spanning 2011 – 2017. Carol incorporates the work of Bert Hellinger on Family Constellation and systemic ritual in her practice. She has studied with a range of teachers of the Knowing Field practice since 2008 including Clare Crombie, Dan Booth Cohen,  Emily Blefield Volden and Nikki Mackay.  Carol is also a nature-educator, which she sees as an integral part of Shamanic work. She spent her earlier years teaching children and researching different models of facilitating children’s natural expression. She cites the spirit of the child as her main director in this work. In 2007-9 she collaborated with Cathy Bache, founder of the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery, an innovative project facilitating an environment of natural learning for pre-school children. Together they created the ‘Nature as Teacher’ curriculum. Carol is a qualified Advanced Firewalk Instructor trained with Peggy Dylan.  She is also a Reiki Master. 

Facilitated by Carol Day

Carol carries a vision to restore creative flow and listening non-hierarchical circle systems to people and places. Her practice as a shamanic educator is led by an innate remembering which she believes we all hold of a compassionate and inclusive way of organising ourselves as humans on this planet. With this theory in mind, she works with circles of wholeness and holds training which work with the natural cycles and focuses on the initiation stories of our personal lives.  The ethos of the training gently supports the cultivation of compassion, kindness and awareness.  Courses are carefully designed to assist a circle to develop an understanding of ourselves as players in certain programmes and then ourselves as co-creators with the ability to align with and open to the power of everything.  The counsellor and educator’s deep sense of presence,  respect,  belief and skilfulness features as strongly as the shaman’s intuition, listening to spirit messages,  calling in of spirit and directing of vision and space.  Training with Carol is as much about being led on a journey of facing the illusional self and undergoing profound dismemberment and revelation as it is about being called to show up and listen to the true nature of who we each truly are.  The circle with Carol holds the conditions to bring your true essential nature powerfully and efficiently into place and being and to in turn inspire the same in those we work with.  Carol also leads a Theatre project called The Theatre of Dragon Hill which restores the original plan of nature where the spirit of all things is honoured and included. She is committed to being a part of bringing holistic community alive wherever she goes.

Carol Day is the Author of the books ‘Wheel’ and ‘Drum’


This weekend is £350 and includes meals and accommodation. A £150 deposit is payable to Carol Day on booking.  The remainder is payable to Newbold Trust prior to the course.


How to book:

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 Dates: (Friday 4 pm – 10 pm,  Saturday 10 am – 10 pm,  Sunday 10 am – 4 pm)  
Friday 6 – Sunday 8 July 2018