Falling Into The Mystery

When: 1st February 20177th February 2017


The Retreat focuses on teaching and exploring different methods of self-realisation methods and then using them to highlight in you that you are already functioning in a self-realised state. Emphasis is on a practical as opposed to a theoretical knowledge of what we truly are.

By realising what we truly are we collapse the core issue, which is the feeling of separation that exists in all seekers. This seeing through the illusory nature of separation ends seeking and in turn other issues from physical to mental, difficult life experiences, disappointments, grief, failure and countless other issues that force you to live a limited version of you are seen through and can be safely let go of as and how you wish.

Feeling fairly new to “seeking” I was drawn to visit Zahir when he was speaking in a local town, 

having previously watched 2 – 3 of his short video’s on facebook.

Within this first meeting, I really enjoyed listening with interest as he spoke about Sufism and Self-realisation. Whilst listening I began to experience distress in my body and mind; it was a painful but immediate and powerful breakthrough of realisation. How I was playing small in denial of Self. My not living in truth and recognition of what I truly am. I had not experienced this quite as immediately and intensely before, at least not in public. 

His words and the energy within them completely cut through illusion and I was left in no doubt that something needed to be paid attention to. Breaking down beautifully into complete despair at how I was.

Since then I have felt continually blessed to follow his pointings and hear his words but more so in calling him friend and brother, who guides and reminds me when I forget what I am.    Janet Astle

The retreat offers you the chance to resolve any seeking by fully immersing and experiencing what you truly are and to work with an internationally recognised teacher in this field.

The retreat is suitable for all from initial seekers to advanced seekers and all are welcome regardless of background or practice

There will be group discussions and question and answer sessions where Zahir will help aim to help you realise what you truly are and to practically experience this knowing.

For those staying on site, there will also be the opportunity to book one on one sessions with Zahir where you can openly discuss any issues personal to you in a confidential and safe environment.

Since attending my first talk and Zahir becoming my mentor, it is difficult to convey in words the impact this has had on my life.  At that point nothing worked, as hard as I tried.  Fast forward 18 months and I am a different person.  The outer reality reflects the massive inner changes I have made including a new job, a house move and attracting better quality relationships.  I can’t say it has all been easy because i continuously face myself and don’t always like what I see.  I can wholeheartedly say that it was the best decision I ever made to go to a meeting.  It was an even better decision to continue to work with Zahir one to one.  A beautiful soul with the patience of a saint. Thank you.  Kelly Niven



The Retreat offers 2 methods of attendance at varying costs;

  1. Residential- Price- This option is recommended to allow you to experience the beautiful serene atmosphere of the Newbold Trust and to really immerse yourself in retreat as well as getting one to one support with Zahir which is included in the price.  The cost for this option is £720 for the six days which will include all meals and accommodation.
  1. Non Residential- Staying offsite but attending sessions.  The cost for this option is £560 for the six days and will include all meals and refreshments.

To book simply email or call us on 01309 672 659

About Zahir

Zahir Khan is both an internationally recognised teacher and author teaching from a self realised state.  He has appeared and been interviewed on websites suce as Buddha at the Gas Pump, Never Not Here and Urban Guru Cafe.  The catalyst to his own difficult journey was his desire to end his own pain and suffering; to extinguish the feeling of incompleteness and separation; to live in a state of wholeness and bliss.

This led him to become a student of a Sufi master of the Qadriyya school of Sufism and it was from there he was also advised to study other pointers and methods to self-realisation.  Zahir spent eight years with his teacher after which he moved on.

It was after this and experiencing a series of powerful awakenings his seeking culminated in 2008 when all sense of seeking disappeared.

Since then Zahir has been holding talks across the United Kingdom and overseas for those who are seeking, assisting in their journey towards realising their true self.

Using a variety of methods from different traditions his central premise is that you are what you seek and that all a teacher’s role is to highlight to you the self-realised state you already function in.

He has assisted many of his students to realise what they are and in turn achieve the life they want. This can be from achieving physical, mental or spiritual goals.  As Zahir states at most of his talks the teachers of old functioned in primarily a social work role and a good teacher seeing this can help the student to achieve what they want.  For some realisation can be as simple as being happier in themselves, making a relationship work, achieving a promotion at work or whatever can set them upon the path of living more authentically. Realisation is literally what we make it and by recognising this fact, most of these students have moved on to leading successful happy futures accomplishing their life goals.