Holistic Tango Retreat

When: 10th August 201915th August 2019

With Bibiana Bettinotti from Argentina and Luigi Villani from Italy. 

Bibiana and Luigi are running a full programme of Tango classes this summer at Newbold House, in Scotland,  enriched with lectures and group discussions, social dances and movies nights as well as special Qi Gong classes to increase self balance, energy awareness and flexibility. 

Leaders and Followers are guided to ‘take control’ of the body, learning steps and sequences as a base to develop techniques, with the aim of finding a personal way to express emotions and creativity when dancing to different tango music with a partner. The ultimate purpose is to give each individual the confidence of dancing their own personal style to enjoy Tango social events, Milongas and Festivals that are constantly staged in every county.


16.00 to 18.00 1st Class: Intoduction; The Feelings of Tango; the art of walking inside the emotions; “The Eternal Journey”; Zamba dance: opening of the chest and the ruling of the heart,  “Rooting and Ready to Fly”;

20.00 Zamba dance Practice “The feathered Snake”.


10.00 to 12.00 2nd  Class – Walking Tango with different musics, dancing the pauses and weight changes; 

16.00 to 18.00 3rd Class – Frontality and Embrace in Tango, one body with 2 heads and 4 legs; 

20.00 Movie “Tango Lesson” and Discussion.


10.00 to 12.00 4th Class – Chacarera and Tango, change of directions and perception games;

16.00 to 18.00 5th Class – Cruses and Caminadas in Tango;

20.00 Movie “Un Tango Mas”, Chacarera and Tango Practice.


10.00 to 12.00 6th Class – Tango Pivots and Ochos;

16.00 to 18.00 7th Class – Giros and Gancios in Tango;

20.00 Movie “Tango” and Milonga


10.00 to 12.00 8th Class – Tango Ochos in Caminada y con Paradas;

16.00 to 18.00 9th Class – Barridas, Arrastres and Creativity in Tango;

20.00 Final Milonga


10.00 to 12.00 Last Tango Class – Doubts and Opinions, Confrontation and Analisis.

Everyday: 7.00 to 8.00 Qi Gong Class; 8.30 Breakfast; 12.30 Lunch; 18.30 Dinner.


£690,00 : to reserve your place a deposit of £190,00 is need it, the balance to be paid in full by 23/07/2019

Including 10 session of Tango and Folk dance lessons,  5  Qi Gong sessions, 2 dance practices, 3 Tango movie shows, 2 Milongas,  accommodation,  all meals, teas and coffees, free WiFi and the use of all Newbold facilities.

The retreat is all inclusive of full board accommodation in Newbold House, the historical and charming building set in the outskirts of Forres, surrounded by beautiful grounds and woodlands; you can chose from single, double, twin or shared accommodation on any of the 8 Victorian rooms and enjoy all the extra facilities available there.

How to book

Book your participation place now to take advantage of this unique opportunity directly to Newbold House, Holistic Tango Retreat Event by phone +44 (0) 1309672659 or email bookings@newboldtrust.org .

About Workshop Leaders

Some of Bibiana’s ancestrors were musicians and storytellers; she was fully active in her theatre career since 1988 when she first approached Tango dancing during 1996 with the Directors and Teachers of “Bohemia, Rincon de Arte”, the recognised Argentinian’s Tango and Folk culture school of Buenos Aires.

She later expanded her studies with many prominent dancers, developing her skills in tango and establishing her own teaching technique to help individuals to manifest  their inner emotions into dancing: “… she is dedicated to spread the Argentinian culture in different world’s locations, professionally and with knowledge, achieving that more people have the wish to learn and deepen on this topics ..”. 

Luigi, Bibiana’s partner since 2001, started learning Tango with the same teachers during 2006, attending seminars and private classes both in Buenos Aires and in Italy. He now integrates his 30 year-long practice of internal Martial Arts in the tango classes they run with Bibiana to help students achieving more body control and perception of inner energy. They are both very popular dancer with a caring and attentive attitude, sharing their knowledge and giving personal attention to help other dancers gaining confidence.