Learning about Biochar

When: 2nd December 20172nd December 2017

Come and join Grant Pirnie from Highland Resilience for this practical workshop where you will learn the history and theory of this ancient practice – and how to make your own, simply and inexpensively from waste wood.

Biochar is a wonderful soil enhancer that traps carbon, retains water and increases soil biodiversity, whilst at the same time releasing nutrients from the soil.

Course Content:

History and theory of Biochar

Why we need it today.


Types of kilns.

Construction of a simple kiln.

Charcoal to Biochar

How to make small scale at home.

Make some charcoal!

Participants will leave with some charcoal to experiment with and a micro-kiln container to make some more – and the information to make on a large scale if they wish.

This workshop is a mixture of theory and hands on.

Our aim is that you should leave with the knowledge and confidence to easily make some Biochar yourself.

No prior practical experience necessary.

Unfortunately, this workshop is not suitable for children.


Grant Pirnie – Engineer and woodworker.

Grant has a background in engineering and runs his own woodwork business  – when he’s not running training workshops at Highland Resilience.

Highland Resilience provides practical training in self-sufficiency skills and self-reliance.

“We teach people in a quick and easy practical way, how to do stuff.”

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