Overcoming fears and traumas

When: 18th August 2018 @10:0018th August 2018 @17:00

Jenny introduces the participants into a very powerful method of dissolving fears and traumas. Depending on the number of participants she will (hopefully be able to) work with every single participant on his personal greatest fear or trauma, leading her/him through it. It is deeply touching for everyone, merely experiencing her working is a gift and it is pure healing.

Facilitating By Jenny

Since her childhood days Jenny Solaria has been clairvoyant: feeling, seeing and communicating with deceased and with all kind of entities in the astral level. This gift didn’t make her childhood really easy as nobody saw and felt what she was seeing and feeling and she was always considered as a very „strange“, weird child and an adolescent girl. Furthermore, the didn’t t ever want to eat and had to be forced to do so from her early days on. 

When she left home as a teenager she stopped eating, knowing deep inside that there was absolutely no necessity in doing so. She has been since then living on Light nutrition and has started about fifteen years ago giving seminars about Light Nutrition and about spiritual topics and working in her own spiritual practice in Germany. 


Her aim is to help people to become self-empowered. 

She has absolved all kinds of „New Age“ education, shamanic and magic education, has practised spiritual healing in many different ways until she became what she is now: a soul whisperer. She has dissolved any kind of inaugurations and astral bonds and follows the sovereign natural path of her soul without calling for the help of any non-physical entities. 

In her seminars, she teaches all the knowledge she has gained about the astral world, about the reality that is “behind the curtain”, not visible to most of us. Jenny is pure love with an extraordinary connection to her soul and the all-unity and she teaches people how to connect with their soul and the all-oneness. All her seminars offer the possibility for the participants to ask personal questions. Anybody can participate who feels the wish to do so, there is no previous knowledge required.  

Jenny lives in Hungary and in Costa Rica and travels with her husband and her four children around Europe and around the world offering spiritual seminars.



To Book:

Email  or call us directly on 01309672659

The seminar begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. As Jenny only speaks German there will be a translator present.
Please come dressed in white or in bright colours and bring some white/bright socks along as we don´t wear shoes in the seminar room. People dressed in dark colours or in black will not be admitted to the seminar!
There will be no lunch break held during the seminar, just 2 or 3 spontaneous short breaks. As far as food is concerned, Newbold will offer a vegan sandwich for their overnight stay guests. Any other participants not having spent the night previous to the seminar at Newbold will have to bring a vegan sandwich by themselves – no consumption of meat & any animal products! Energized water will be offered on the spotplease bring along an empty glass bottle as well as writing pad and pen.
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