When: 20th September 201922nd September 2019

This beautiful retreat is available to all levels and will take place in the highlands of Forres on the Moray coast. Set between the stunning Findhorn River, Inverness and the Lush green mountains of the Cairngorms, our base will be the exquisitely beautiful Newbold Trust accommodations.

If you are new to retreats & some of the phrases leave you wondering if this is for you – Please rest assured all will be explained in simple terms at a pace that suits your needs. There will also be an option to travel up as part of the group together in private transportation.

The retreat will begin on the Friday afternoon with an Intro Yoga Session and Night Meditation.
During the weekend we will look at and practice:

• Shatkarma Purification Techniques
• The Chakras
• Pranayama Breath
• Meditation
• Traditional Hatha/Nidra Yoga stretch, asana classes
• Along with some relaxed discussion and one on one personal development conversation.

This retreat is suitable for beginner/intermediate as well as accomplished asana yoginis. Bear in mind, it’s not about being able to bend your legs over your head or having incredible elastic super-hero limbs. Of course, we will cover a range of asanas in the yoga sessions.

Here we will also look at:

• A little of the spirituality, philosophy and history of Yoga
• Discussion on love, life & the yoga process
• How Pranayama Breath can release tension and anxiety
• How to bring a little peace and harmony into your life
• Understanding why we judge & struggle with change
• And simply how to bring a smile to your soul, as we stop caring what others think of us.

This is a chance for you to switch off, look inside yourself for flow & connect with the present. All while surrounded by the lush, peaceful calm of Scottish nature.

Contact Braxton at: om@yogaganesh.co.uk

About Braxton

Braxton completed his training in India, Czech Republic, Vietnam and Greece. His training in India, developed his interested in not only yoga asanas and meditation but also the philosophy and psychology of yoga. Previously a physical training and anatomy instructor, part of his background comes from martial arts, Tukedo and boxing. He moonlights as the lead singer with the Motown, soul and disco act The Soul Foundation. He is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor and lives with his fiancé and little baby Braxton in Edinburgh.


Cost is inclusive of accommodation, food, walks, meditation, one-on-one discussion, transportation and of course the various yoga sessions. All parts of the weekend are optional, should you wish to opt out of any part.​ Costs range from £410-£460 depending on travel and accommodation requirements. Contact Braxton at: om@yogaganesh.co.uk