Seasonal Kundalini Yoga

When: 18th March 2018 @14:0018th March 2018 @16:00
Kundalini Yoga is for everyone – it is an ancient universal technology which helps us to bring our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies into balance. It is a heart-centred practice of joy, bliss, light, love, connection, and self-realisation. As we awaken, play and dance with the Kundalini energy we experience our consciousness expanding, our creative essence blossoming and our radiance amplifying as we deepen our connection to Source, and to our own true infinite nature. 
In these 4 workshops, we will engage with the energies of the cycle of the seasons. In Spring we will be awakening, unfolding & unfurling into the light; in Summer we will celebrate the energetic height of the year when everything, including ourselves, is in full bloom; in Autumn we will reap what we have sown in our harvest; and in Winter we will begin to turn inwards, allowing space for quiet contemplation, integration & regeneration, and to begin the preparation for the rebirth of the next new cycle. Each session will include asana (postures) – in sets of exercises called kriyas; mudra (hand gestures); mantra (chanting); pranayama (breath-work), meditation and music all geared towards helping us to thrive in each season. All welcome! 

Faciliated by :

Emma Forbes

Emma is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, training with the Sahej Academy in 2016. Emma is a writer & blogger, sharing much of her spiritual wisdom in her blog where she writes on Yoga – Mediation – Nutrition – Nature – Healing & Spirituality. She shares her source sister videos on her Back to Source Facebook page, and her Youtube channel. She lives and teaches in the Highlands – offering alongside her partner Stefan: Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Sacred Music and Energy Healing She has reconnected back to Source herself by going through her own personal transformative healing journey and deeply immersing herself in Vipassana Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Taoist Practices. She wishes nothing more than to enjoy, share and celebrate Source connection with others in as many ways as possible.

Dates: Spring: Sunday 18th March, 2-4pm
           Summer: Sunday 17th June, 2-4pm
           Autumn: Sunday 16th September, 2-4pm
           Winter: Sunday 18th November, 2-4pm


£15 per session (£50 for all four if booked at the start)

To book,

Contact Emma:, or 07594958601.