Seeds of Hope Exhibition

When: 24th October 2017 @10:0025th October 2017 @20:00
Where: Ballroom

Seeds of Hope: Visions of sustainability, steps toward change

The exhibition was jointly created by the SGI and Earth Charter International in 2010 and has since been seen by some 1.5 million people in 34 countries.

The exhibition showcases individuals from around the world who have taken up the challenge of creating change. For example, one of the panels focuses on Wangari Maathai. Dr. Maathai was born in a rural area of Kenya but was able to become the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree. She inspired and helped women and children learn how to plant trees in order to stop the soil erosion that was depriving their communities of their livelihoods. Through the establishment of the Green Belt Movement, Dr. Maathai’s actions resulted in more than 51 million trees being planted throughout Kenya and launched a global movement that has since inspired the planting of more than 12 billion trees. Her work, which began in 1977, was recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize nearly 30 years later.


Another panel depicts Joanne Wilkes, an SGI-UK member, who bought a home in Manchester’s Moss Side, an area known for crime and gang activity. She created a neighbourhood street party that brought people together and resulted in opportunities for neighbourhood redevelopment.

When each of these individuals took their first steps of local action, they were not thinking of big outcomes; however, our actions, no matter how small, have a ripple effect and can indeed change the world.

To further illustrate this important principle, “Seeds of Hope” is based on the following formula:
– Learn and deepen awareness of environmental issues and realities
– Reflect on our modes of living, renewing these toward sustainability
– Empower people to take concrete action to resolve the issues we face
– Ultimately, the goal of the exhibition is to plant the seeds of hope in the hearts of all who have the opportunity to view it, so that they can recognize the potential they each possess to take concrete action to make a change in their respective communities and discover the difference they can indeed make, one step at a time.

The Seeds of Hope exhibition promotes the values and principles of the Earth Charter in an accessible and engaging manner.
The Earth Charter is centrally concerned with the transition to sustainable ways of living and sustainable human development. Ecological integrity is one major theme. However, the Earth Charter recognizes that the goals of ecological protection, the eradication of poverty, equitable economic development, respect for human rights, democracy, and peace are interdependent and indivisible. It provides, therefore, a new, inclusive, integrated ethical framework to guide the transition to a sustainable future.
For a full copy of the Earth Charter, it can be downloaded from

The full Seeds of Hope exhibition will be on display on the 24th/25th October at Newbold House


The Earth Charter Affiliate in Scotland is

Action for Change (Scotland) Ltd

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Mike Trevett