Transformation and Healing

When: 8th February 2018 @17:0011th February 2018 @15:30

Transformation and Healing: Dealing with Difficulties

A 3-day retreat on cultivating mindfulness in daily life based on the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh

This retreat will offer us the opportunity to take time to identify skillful ways to deal with difficult situations and life conditions, supported by mindfulness practice and spiritual community (Sangha). This retreat will draw on the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh in his books Reconciliation (healing the inner child) and Transformation and Healing (the Four Establishments of Mindfulness)

Mindfulness Practice will be the key to exploring these teachings, so they don’t just become an intellectual exercise. When we generate mindfulness, compassion and understanding become possible.

When we speak of listening with compassion we might think of listening to someone else. But we must also listen to the inner child of us. Our ancestors may not have known how to listen and care for their inner child within, so they may have transmitted elements of their wounded child to us. Our practice is to end this cycle by transforming our suffering into peace and happiness.

Thays teachings on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness are crucial to helping transform our suffering. During our time together we will have the chance to deepen our experiential understanding of the four establishments of mindfulness and reconciliation, by sitting, walking, sharing and practicing together.

The retreat will present us with a supportive environment where we can cultivate mindfulness and at the same time connect with others who will be practicing with us.

About the teacher:

Dene has been practicing and studying Buddhism meditation and the Dharma since 1995.

He visited Plum Village for the first time in June 2001. Deeply moved by the practice and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, and the Plum village spiritual community, he chose to receive the Three Jewels and Five Mindfulness Traning of the community.

In 2007, he received the 14 mindfulness training and joined The Order of Interbeing. Since this time Dene has become more involved in engaged Buddhism: offering Buddhist Chaplaincy within prisons. secure mental hospitals and more recently offering mindfulness to refugees and asylum seekers within inner city Manchester.

In 2016, Dene was offered the Lamp Transmission and become a lay Dharma Teacher alongside his dear friend Susanne Olbrich, who lives in Findhorn.


£225* (residential) for room hire, meals and bedroom

£135* (non residential) for room hire and meals

*Please note the above cost does not include a teacher’s cost.

At the end of the retreat, you will be invited to give a dana (d0nation) for the teachings. Within the Buddhist Tradition, teachings often are given on a donation basis. It is an opportunity to practice generosity within our means and a way to show appreciation for the teachings received. Dana Received from his dharma teachings contributes to Denes Living.

To Book:

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For any questions about the retreat please contact Sabine – 07554745992 or email or Lesley – 07784447365 or email