Are you interested in participating in the work of Newbold Trust? Do you have an interest in living in a community?


Newbold provides an opportunity to contribute to the work of the social enterprise whilst living and working in an intentional community. Newbold Trust offers an opportunity to live and work with like-minded people and partake in daily routines and practises.

All positions offered are residential posts where you have the chance to experience what it’s like to live a more sustainable lifestyle practising social sustainability and live in a more holistic manner. Sharing skills, knowledge and supporting one another.



Kitchen Assitant  

 (SERI Position* see for eligibility)


Overview of the project

Newbold Trust is a social enterprise from where we offer a nurturing space for workshop leaders, organisations and individuals who are contributing to making a positive impact in the world. Newbold House, our venue, is run by a community of staff and volunteers committed to nurturing positive change through transformative workshops, classes, events and conferences. Our work is committed to Open spirituality, Good governance through collaborative decision making, Connection to nature, Education, Social justice, Personal Development, Sustainability and Regeneration.

People come to us because they want more than a venue for their workshops and events, they want to feel at home, relaxed and nurtured. They want a place where change can happen naturally within themselves and their organisations.

We also run regularly in-house programmes and events at Newbold House on connecting to nature, regenerative systems and education for positive change.


Job Description

We are currently looking to recruit a new Kitchen Assistant who will be working under the guidance of the Kitchen Manager, assisting with the preparation and serving of meals and you will also be involved in preparing meals on your own for small groups.

Team responsibilities

•Attend monthly team meetings in a positive and productive manner bringing ideas and solutions.

•Make work plans for bigger projects in order to give clear info about progress and results of these projects and how long it will take. He/she will take responsibility to work according to these work plans.

•Be creative and make realistic and workable proposals that will serve to improve NBT.

Departmental responsibilities

•Supporting the Kitchen Manager to maintain health and safety regulations in the kitchen at all times.

•Supporting the Kitchen Manager in the day to day running of the kitchen, communicating effectively important information relating to the functioning of the kitchen.

•Supporting the Kitchen Manager in keeping the kitchen clean and organised, delegating tasks to volunteers when necessary.

•Assisting the Kitchen Manager in using the kitchen budget effectively.

•Supervising and assigning tasks to volunteers during work shifts, ensuring that appropriate breaks are taken.

•Creating diverse, healthy and beautifully presented food for guests and community, using ingredients in the most effective way, getting the most benefit out of the produce we use.

•Help to organise a big kitchen and food storage cleaning with the whole team four times a year. Liaising with the Kitchen Manager to schedule these cleanings on the yearly rota.

•Managing the kitchen when the Kitchen Manager is on holiday, making orders and holding the kitchen to the same high standards. This is not necessary but we could leave it in as it might be because of sickness they have to cover?

•Assist in a storage of stock, including checking deliveries.



•Being able to work with the Kitchen Manager, supporting them in the running of the kitchen.

•Excellent communication skills, a willingness to learn and an ability to take direction.

•Having cooking skills to make delicious and nutritious food for small and large numbers of people according to the values of NBT (organic, vegetarian, going green,…) and being able to deliver the food in a timely fashion.

•Organisational skills for keeping the department organised and safe and showing the authority to the co-workers to keep it that way.

•Knowing your own limits and being able to ask for help or assistance when a skill is not yet mastered.

•Physical stamina and an understanding of the pressures of working in a stressful environment, taking responsibility for personal health while on shift whilst meeting meal deadlines.

•Managing skills in order to manage other workers to do their job properly and on time.


Working shifts and content

•The Kitchen Assistant works 16-18 hours/week

•The shifts are planned in function of the Kitchen Manager to fill in the monthly rota and to have enough people on a daily base to go forward with the work.

•This is a non-residential position at Newbold House 111, St. Leonards Road IV36 2RE Forres Scotland UK. Newbold Trust provides you with food included in your salary.



Your salary will be  £6,300 per annum including meals.

Community Work and Overtime are not normally paid.



Your annual leave entitlement is 3 weeks pro rata, and this includes all public (bank) holidays. A maximum of two weeks not taken in one year may be carried over to the following year (January or February). Should we change that for part-time staff to 7.5 days

All leave must be agreed in advance, with your manager: (one week in advance for leave up to three days, this does not work in the kitchen, its one month for all) and one month in advance for leave of three or more days. Please be aware that holiday requests of more than three days may not be granted during the peak season for your Department or Area.

To Apply:

Email for a job application and for more information