Are you interested in participating in the work of Newbold Trust? Do you have an interest in living in community.


We have a number of vacancies available both volunteer positions and staff positions.

Newbold provides an opportunity to contribute to the work of the social enterprise whilst living and working in an intentional community. Newbold Trust offers an opportunity to live and work with like-minded people and partake in daily routines and practises.

All positions offered are residential posts where you have the chance to experience what it’s like to live a more sustainable lifestyle practising social sustainability and live in a more holistic manner. Sharing skills, knowledge and supporting one another.

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Maintenance Manager

Do you love fixing things and managing projects?

Then we have an opportunity for you.

The maintenance manager roles gives you the opportunity to put your skills to use, manage projects and work alongside others to maintain and develop the instrastructure of Newbold House.

The role is responsible for keeping an overview on the projects that are allocated to the department and communicates with the other departments and the team.

BrianThey will be expected to allocate the work and supervises Volunteers who work in his or her department. You will be in charge of maintaining the proper safety regulations and training for the people who work in the department. You have the responsibility to makes sure that the co-workers work within the Mission and Vision of Newbold House. In this post you will be expected to give feedback to the co-workers about their functioning within the department and motivates where necessary. The job entails you to maintain and develop basic skills and looks for ways to improve skills that are necessary for the department. Staff managers are expected to be open to receive feedback and suggestions which can improve his/her leadership skills and skills in general.

Team responsibilities

  • Attending the team meetings and Newbold meetings in an enthusiastic and positive critical way, thinking in a solution rather than problem orientated manner.
  • Preparing the departmental information for the team meetings in a clear and efficient way so that all team members have transparency and clarity, using the proper documents available.
  • Taking responsibility to communicate clearly with other departments to improve Newbold House and keeping the other departments up to date about the progress of maintenance projects.
  • Making work plans in order to give clear information about the progress and results of a project and the amount of time that a project will take.
  • Following work plans in an efficient and timely manner, and within
  • Giving a transparent view to the team and especially to the financial department about the use of the budget of your department.
  • Taking up leadership in making departmental proposals that are realistic and workable that will take the Newbold House project forward.

Departmental responsibilities

  • Organising the department in an effective, efficient and safe way:
  • Organising the maintenance room and its tools so it is a safe work environment and tools are in an optimal condition.
    Organising the work and prioritising the work using the available documents.
  • Ensuring safety skills and regulations are met for ones self and any co-workers and setting a good example while working together.
  • Organising and managing the departmental budget in a transparent and responsible way using the proper documents.
  • Coaching and motivating the volunteers that are working in the department.
  • Evaluating and giving constructive feedback to  volunteers in the department.
  • When outside expert skills are needed; researching , contacting and allocating the external expert and communicating this with the team.


  • Showing leadership skills by taking responsibility of the department and coaching the CG and Volunteers that work in the department.
  • Having a range of good technical skills around decorating, repairing, carpentry/building, plumbing, electricity… in order to keep the house functional and in order not to be dependant on external sources for general maintenance.
  • Organisational skills in order to keep the department organised and safe (meetings, H&S, maintenance room, tools,…) as well as keeping the finances of the department transparent and controlled.IMG_4909
  • Knowing what expert skills are needed for a project and actively communicating with the HR person so they can recruit the right Volunteers to get these skills in the house.
  • Researching, proposing and engaging the team with maintenance projects which will take forward the Newbold Mission and Vision.
  • Project management skills to keep projects on track.

The maintenance manager works 8half-dayalf day shifts in order to have enough time to manage the department and to work together with his or her co-workers. It is likely that 6-8 shifts will be in their own department with 2-4 shifts in other departments as needed.
2 shifts are allocated for the coordination of the department (meetings, agenda, budgeting, work plans, trainings, coaching, …), the other 6 or 8 shifts are work time.
One shift every fortnight is for the team meeting on Wednesday morning .
The shifts are planned in function of the team being that represents Newbold house. It is the responsibility of the maintenance manager to liaise with other department managers re: volunteer availability/needs of their own department, to fill in the monthly rota and to have enough people on a daily base to go forward with the work.

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Long Term Volunteer Position - Homecare

We have a number of long term volunteer opportunities available at Newbold Trust this year

basnbenBy volunteering with us for 3-6 months, you will work alongside us for our summer seaso, supporting the existing staff team.

Long term volunteers play a vital role in the community of Newbold. They are therefore expected to commit fully to our weekly routine and daily practices, have an ability to handle moderate physical work (in our kitchen, office, homecare, gardens, and maintenance departments), to hold a sense of responsibility for the work done and a high level of English is also required. It also requires an ability to relate and communicate well with others of diverse backgrounds, ages, languages and skills within our community and with our guests.
Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 11.53.28Work will mostly be across 1 or 2 departments (garden/ kitchen/ homecare/ reception) with some flexibility according to the needs of the organisation as the season progresses, so a ‘can-do’ approach, and a willingness to be part of a community team are essential. We are looking for people who already possess a certain level of experience and are interested developing their skills in an embedded, immersive environment, and gaining knowledge from our managers.

You will be expected to hold some responsibility within your department(s), and – after any training needed – we would look to you to provide ‘second in command’ cover for staff holidays and days off.
In exchange we offer a stipend of £80 p/m in return for a commitment to working with us for the whole season. Basic accommodation and all meals with mainly produce from our own organic garden will be provided.
Living and working together within our residential community forms an integral part of the volunteer programme. We have a structured framework with weekly volunteer meetings, and an ongoing pastoral and work support for volunteers whilst they are here.

Please note that these roles are specified for the season only and do not offer any guarantee of further work or a pathway to membership of the permanent staff community.


Details of departments:



Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 11.47.17An eye for detail and experience of turning over bedrooms, bathrooms and public spaces to a high standard of finish and cleanliness is essential. The role will sometimes involve demanding physical work and tight schedules. You will be supervising less experienced Short Term Volunteers and working alongside the Homecare Manager to plan schedules and ensure the comfort of our guests lives up to our reviews. There are also opportunities to contribute to the aesthetic harmony and energy of a beautiful heritage venue, while using eco-friendly techniques.


To apply

If you are interested, please send us the application form together with your cv with relevant work experience and background. Indicate the two departments that would be your main interest and if you already have experience of living in community.

Email –

The selection process will include skype or telephone calls with shortlisted applicants.

The volunteer programme is not a workshop run by trainers or a healing programme for addressing personal issues. We require that people coming are able to look after themselves at a physical, mental and emotional level.