Newbold Trust – The Culture Garden

Nurturing Connection-Based Leadership and Culture

We believe that healthy leadership and group cultures help us connect: to ourselves, each other, and the world around us. The most vibrant and effective groups are those which – like a natural ecosystem – cultivate synergistic connections between their different parts, harnessing the intelligence of the whole for the greatest good.

Our Vision

We envision a life-sustaining civilisation for future generations where human actions express an ethos of partnership and mutual empowerment, informed by healthy leadership and cultures rooted in the principles and practices of connection.

Our Mission

We host training, education, and wellness programs, as well as regular events, to promote connection-based leadership and cultural skills in a community-engaged context.

Our Values


Connection is the invisible root system, which links each individuals’ inner journey of self-actualization with the interactions and activities of the whole. Practicing connection ensures that a group’s outer activities and initiatives support its members’ inner wellbeing – and vice versa – which invokes the powerful synergy of mutual benefit. We’ve seen the ways that this synergy is an invaluable source of energy, inspiration, and guidance for any group.


Creativity is the process of giving shape, energy, and intention to the vast field of possibility that exists within and around us. By attending to how it nourishes, receives and directs its creative energies, a group ensures that what it creates is well-formed, rooted in its deepest intentions, and responsive to the ever- evolving needs of the world. It can also include its partners, community, and the other-than-human realm in its creative process, unleashing the joy and generativity of a co-creative flow.


Collaboration is about sharing intelligence, effort, and leadership. This doesn’t mean that every decision or action must be taken collectively; rather, it means we believe that every member of a group has valuable input which can be engaged in different ways in different contexts. We believe that groups are more alive and make better decisions when they use flexible, collaborative systems which draw from the intelligence of the whole.