About Newbold Trust

IMG_0898We live in a time of unparalleled change and challenge in our global environment. Climate change, resource depletion, economic crisis, mass extinction of species, conflict and social division threaten our continued survival as a species (Macy & Johnstone 2012). Global consumerism has put us on a collision course with environmental disaster (Worldwide Institute: State of the World 2010). Mental health is declining; depression and anxiety are increasing. The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2020 depression will be the second leading cause of disability throughout the world.

This is a wake up call for humanity and many of us recognise that a positive way of living and working together is urgently needed. This has been described as a ‘Life Sustaining Society’ where we can thrive personally, co-exist in harmony, feel interconnected with the living system of the planet and therefore protect and conserve this for future generations.

At the Newbold Trust we are inspired by the realisation that this is already happening at a global scale! An unnamed, self-organising movement of millions of individuals and organisations with shared values is emerging; from grassroots community led groups to large charities and social enterprises concerned with social and environmental justice, wellbeing and sustainability. It has been called the largest social movement in human history (Blessed Unrest – Hawkins 2007) and it is this movement that the Newbold Trust is part of.

To reflect this we recently revised our Vision and Mission statements. The Vision describes the movement itself, and is shared in essence by many other organisations. The Mission describes our part in this and what we are passionate about sharing with you.

Purpose Statement:

“Nurturing Positive Change”

“Our Mission is to provide inspiring courses and nurturing retreats, which offer people from diverse backgrounds a lived experience of how to nurture positive change and the practical tools for developing it”