Volunteer Programmes


BreadmakingWe deeply welcome the help of both residential and local volunteers to support the work of the Trust. Our volunteers assist across the kitchen, maintenance, reception and home care departments. They attend morning community meetings and weekly volunteer meetings where there is the opportunity for mutual sharing and support. Feedback from previous volunteers suggests they enjoy sharing our beautiful house and gardens, working together as a Community and learning about the work and values of the Trust. They also say how much they appreciate knowing the positive impact they have here, and we certainly couldn’t manage without them!

Information about the various options for volunteering at Newbold is available below. Please be aware that spaces often fill up many weeks in advance. If you would like more information or wish to be sent an application form, please contact volunteer@newboldtrust.org or call +44 (0) 1309 672 659.

Residential Volunteers

basnbenBy volunteering with us for 3 months, you will work alongside us for our summer season, supporting the existing staff team.

Volunteers play a vital role in the community of Newbold. They are therefore expected to commit fully to our weekly routine and daily practices, have an ability to handle moderate physical work (in our kitchen, office, home care and maintenance departments), to hold a sense of responsibility for the work done and a high level of English is also required. It also requires an ability to relate and communicate well with others of diverse backgrounds, ages, languages and skills within our community and with our guests.

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 11.53.28Work will mostly be across different departments (kitchen/ home care/ reception) with some flexibility according to the needs of the organization as the season progresses, so a ‘can-do’ approach and a willingness to be part of a team are essential. We are looking for people who already possess a certain level of experience and are interested developing their skills in an embedded, immersive environment, and gaining knowledge from our managers.

You will be expected to hold some responsibility within your department(s), and – after any training needed – we would look to you to provide ‘second in command’ cover for staff holidays and days off.

Living and working together within our residential community forms an integral part of the volunteer programme. We have a structured framework with weekly volunteer meetings, and work support for volunteers whilst they are here.

To Apply email volunteer@newboldtrust.org

Please note that these roles are specified for the season only and do not offer any guarantee of further work or a pathway to membership of the permanent staff community.

Local Volunteering

Volunteers in the GardenWe love to keep a strong connection with our local community in Forres and surrounding area and we have two opportunities for local people to come and work in and enjoy our gardens. On Monday mornings local volunteers join us to help, mainly in the garden but also in other departments as needed, in return for a wonderful organic lunch and the camaraderie of working together. Monday mornings beginning at 9am with a morning meeting held in the Newbold Sanctuary.

On Saturday mornings our gardens are open for our ‘Garden Tasters‘, an opportunity to enjoy the garden with like minded people, swap tips, buy our organic produce and relax over tea, coffee and home-bakes.

If you enjoy gardening, being outdoors or just meeting new people, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us at volunteer@newboldtrust.org or +44 (0) 1309 672 659

What our Volunteers say about us

I enjoy gardening and helping with food preparation. The most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of volunteering here is the friendships I have made and being part of a team. It takes me out of the house and I can learn new cooking techniques. It is a worthwhile activity!

Ella Young