Wise Women

When: 29th March 20184th April 2018

Wise Women: Honour the power of your love.

What is it to be a wise woman? How is feminine intelligence different to masculine intelligence?

In a few potent days at Newbold Trust you will be invited to dive into these questions and be supported to emerge not with an answer but AS your answer.

Held with skill and care in council and ceremony, song and movement, creativity and inner journey. With the addition of a one to one online meeting before, the journey will be tailored to you and the intimate group of seven other women who will accompany you. Hosted in the comfort and elegance of Newbold House there will be plenty of opportunity to be inspired by the magic of Newbold garden and the wild beauty of the local environment.

Central to this, is the understanding that feminine wisdom embraces both the light and the shadow. She perceives both/and rather than either/or.

Wise Women know wise action requires that human will be aligned with our capacity to feel. We find our teachers in Nature, in the treasures and challenges of our relationships, in the still small voice within us and in our capacity to see the human journey within the bigger picture of planetary evolution.

We train ourselves to pay attention to the innate intelligence of our bodies and to our intuitive knowing. Confidence in these channels of communication keep us current with essential needs of the moment.

Where power is shared, there Life flourishes in all. Where it is hoarded, there is stagnation and disease in all. The misuse of power is all around us. And yet our wisdom does not pitch us against it, it inspires us to co-create alternatives – in small and big gestures, noticed or invisible to others. Our place as wise women is to teach and nurture how power can be shared.

Indigenous cultures all over the world are calling on women, especially those who have freedom to act and speak, to “stand with the authority of the Mother”. They are demanding that we honour the power of our Love and that we rise united in the shared certainty of this one unchanging constant motivation; we stand for Life.

Doing so is inarguable and logical. The age of cynicism is over.


£650* – This price includes all activities, private room accommodation and three vegetarian meals each day.

*Earlybird Special!! – £600 if booked before 20th February

To Book:

For more information or to reserve your place* call our office on 01309 672659 or alternatively email

*Places are limited to 8 so book early to avoid disappointment

Facilited By Lucy Thomas and Kristy Lee Harris

Lucy is a soul inspired facilitator. Her passion and joy for life are expressed in the profound and creative ways she finds to turn people on to the brilliant innocence that is their true nature.

As a trained facilitator of systemic constellations and somatic presencing, Lucy’s skill is in identifying the root cause of the issue presented and understanding its function as a trigger for awakening. Constellations provide a perfect tool for this and effortlessly enable the direct experience of oneness. Rooted in her own embodied and ever deepening sense of wholeness, Lucy emphasises the power of presence and inclusion as the keys to living authentically. Her workshops are warmly held, safe, transformational spaces.

Kristy has lived in the Newbold area for many years and has a powerful connection to its inhabitants. She currently manages the beautiful Newbold garden and woodland on behalf of the Newbold Trust and resident community. She is passionate about practices that bring about connection to our innate being, that allow us to feel a true sense of belonging, reverance for our place, and trust in ourselves. She has facilitated many different group activities with all ages and abilities. She dabbles in many things, is a master of none, her main practice is being with what is, that is feeling, giving awareness, accepting, loving, honouring, celebrating, releasing. Her other main practice is expanding awareness through the senses particularly in natural settings. She is blessed to give and receive support and love with many wise women and mentors, for this she is truely grateful. She is also grateful to be able to share her practices, home and work with those who will join us for this insightful journey.